Monday, 3 October 2005

AH Hirsch Reserve 16 year old 45.8% Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This extraordinary bourbon has had a long dramatic journey from its inception to here. In fact, the history behind A H Hirsch Reserve speaks volumes about why it is not only the finest American Bourbon ever made, but indeed a national artefact.
The sublime, amber coloured whiskey in this bottle was distilled in 1974 in the small copper pot stills of Mitcher’s Distillery. Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, the distillery originated in the mid 1700’s when Kentucky was just a twinkle in Daniel Boone’s eye. It is quite justifiably listed as a National historic Landmark.
The combination of an arduous distilling process, an unusual recipe including rye and 16 years of peaceful slumber in the wood are partly why Hirsch Reserve is such a magnificent spirit. The rest must be put down to the sheer force of history and perhaps a touch of magic.
In 1989, the last remaining barrels were brought to Kentucky for final aging and bottling - this whiskey was awarded America’s first 5 star rating, simply stated there is no other bourbon on any shelf that compares with its bouquet, flavour, depth and overall complexity.

Lustrous, rich medium-amber/ sunset orange with copper/russet highlights:
The tight compact nose has sensuous fragrances of spiced orange, walnut, corn husk, a touch of resin and most prominently nougat – while its anything but expansive, the bouquet subtly draws me in, forcing me to inhale deeper- in the process, the layers of aroma unwrap like the delicate skins of an onion – it’s a seductive and coy bourbon nose:
In the mouth this robust but polite bourbon confidently offers happily married tastes of caramel, oats, toffee, wood smoke, maple syrup, oak, controlled alcohol and raisins:
There is even a slim winey trace of sweet sherry in the sublime, firm heady aftertaste:
Clearly a superlative bourbon that stands head and shoulders above the pack.
Tasting Notes & ReviewKindred SpiritsBy F, Paul Pacult.
AH Hirsch Reserve 16 year old 45.8% Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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