Thursday, 6 October 2005

"The Six Isles" Pure Malt Scotch Whisky

Pure Island Malt Whisky

A true reflection of the isles.

The full flavour, character and natural; colour, of island malts. Bottled un-chill filtered.

Scotland is home to over 140 inhabited islands, however today malt whisky is distilled on only six of these islands. “The Six Isles” is a unique vatting of casks of single malt whiskies selected from the six distilling islands. From Islay in the southwest to Orkney in the far north, every distinctive style and flavour of Island malt whisky has been brought together in a bottle of “The Six Isles.” The peaty and smoky character of the Malts of Islay is balanced with the soft heather, honey and Iodine notes of the Orcadian Malts, and rounded off by the flavours of the other four islands.
“The Six Isles” is a sensory voyage through the malt whiskies of the islands of Scotland.

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