Saturday, 11 February 2006

Single Highland Malt whisky 40 years old 1965 48.5%

Tasting Note.

Limited Edition Distilled at the Glenf-r-l-s Distillery Scotts Selection.
Speyside Region Distilled in 1965 Bottled 2005

There are very few traditional master distillers left still practising their fine art in Scotland today quite a few distilleries have given in to the new technologies controlled by sophisticated computers.

However Robert Scott has stood the test of time and with over fifty years of his working life spent on his true love, apart from his wife, of distilling the finest rare Scotch whiskies.

You will find it very difficult indeed to find any other living soul with more experience or expertise in the craftsmanship of selecting fine Scotch whiskies.

Here Robert Scott has selected as one of his personal favourites in order to give whisky lovers the opportunity to taste and savour this fine superior whisky, the fruit of a lifetime’s experience

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