Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Port Ellen Single Malt Whisky 24 year old Provenance 46%

Founded in 1825 by Alexander Mackay

Location Islay region South shore district

Water source Leorin Lochs
Mothballed in 1983 equipment believed to be dismantled and removed

Provenance bottling by Douglas Laing. Single Cask.DMG Ref: 4127.The "Final Vintage" in its Last Season of Distillation.

On the nose is an immediate wall of peat, syacked beach-side with clean fresh sea-salty air in abundance.

Sweet on the palate initially , it moves through different phases of vanillia, phenols, tannins and gristy quality to some late soft chewed leather - replicated on the finish

plus a little extra pepperiness iodine, and tarry character. (F)

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