Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Greenore Irish Whiskey 8 year old Single Grain Whiskey

Single Grain whiskeys are very rare as most grain whiskey is normally used with Malt whiskeys to make Blended whiskey.

Greenore Irish Single Grain Whiskey is a truly unique whiskey as it is the only expression of Irish Single Grain whiskey and is avaiable in very limited in quantities .

Greenore Single Grain Whiskey Tasting Notes of Noel Sweeney, Cooley Master Blender

Nose: Clean light grain, with honey and oak characters.

Taste: Silky smooth and mellow with honey start combined with fresh almonds and spices to create this delicate balance.

Finish: Warm honey taste lingering in the mouth with a dry finish
More information about Greenore Single Grain Irish Whiskey Click here
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