Friday, 6 March 2009

Millars Special Reserve Irish Whiskey

The Millar’s Special Reserve Irish Whiskey brand originates from a company in Dublin called Adam Millar & Company.

The brand reflects the classic atmosphere of the 1920's and 1930's, a time when writers like Joyce, O'Casey and Yates raised the Irish spirit and in so doing contributed to the birth of the Irish nation.

This is a unique blend of the finest grain and malt Irish whiskeys with exceptional character and superior quality. It is double distilled and matured almost entirely in once used oak bourbon casks. The character of the whiskey comes primarily from the quality malt barley specially chosen to give the whiskey a unique smooth after taste A darker, full bodied, smooth whiskey in the traditional Irish sense.

Millar's Irish Whiskey Tasting notes...

Nose – Lush sweetness alongside the harder, oakier grains.

Taste – Very malty start followed by very powerful, fruity grain.

Finish – Creamy bourbon finish

Millar's Irish Whiskey Tasting notes of Jim Murray, renowned Whiskey Commentator provided by the Cooley distillery.

Nose:-Sweet grape on the nose joining forces with the grain to offer a lush sweetness alongside the harder, oakier grains.

Taste: - Very malty start followed by a very powerful grain which is fruity. Not a light whiskey at all. Full mouth feel, slight grapeness with good weight sherry in evidence.

Finish: - Very favourable bourbon finish feel of a five year old minimum with seven plus.

Serving Suggestions: - Neat, on the rocks, or with water to taste. Equally good served with mixers or as an ingredient for Irish Coffee. A sipping whiskey for all occasions.

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