Friday, 10 April 2009

North Port Single Malt Whisky 20 year 1979 61.2% Rare Malts

Founded in 1820 by the brothers David, John & Alexander Guthrie
Location Highlands Eastern district.
Water source Loch Lee

North Port was one of the distilleries that didn't survive the 1983-85 period, the market at the time was suffering from over capacity and around a dozen single malt distilleries were closed. North Port was mothballed in 1983

In 1990 the site of the distillery was sold for property development, which now hosts a Safeways supermarket

The whisky produced was a contributor to the vatted malt Glen Dew and the Heather Dew blends.

Rare malts selection bottling. Presentation Box
North Port Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes...

Colour: Pale Gold

The dry grassy nose, light medium body, hints of tropical fruit on the toasty palate and brisk, dry finish.

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