Thursday, 14 May 2009

Stauning Single Malt Danish Whisky

Stauning Single Malt Danish Whisky added to

The story of Stauning Whiskey started during a weekend in May 2005 a group of nine friends were enjoying a glass or two of Scotch single malt whisky, and wondering why no whiskey was made in Denmark.

All the conditions are present. The climate, malting and well water. This discussion was replaced by curiosity. They decided that they simply had to try to create a Danish single malt whiskey.

At a former butchers the group had some rooms available. However they needed some time to get them restored and approved by the Danish Food Agency to produce whiskey.

TAX ( Danish Agency) was contacted to have the various applications approved, as there was a wide range of authorities to be contacted before whiskey production could commence

When the permits were in place, they could finally buy the essential equipment - copper pot stills are not exactly a standard item, so they ended up getting two custom-hand-made pot stills from Spain and shipping them to Denmark. One wash still 400 litres and a spirit still 200 litres.

Whilst waiting for the sills to be delivered they resolved the other production problems of, malting the barley, drying oven, mashing, fermentation, etc.

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