Monday, 28 September 2009

Glen Mhor Scotch Whisky

Founded in 1892 by John Mackinlay and John Birnie
Location Speyside Region Inverness District
Water source unknown

Distillery site now occupied by a supermarket.

Glen Mhor Scotch Whisky Distillery Style Tasting Notes

Nose:Sweet, vanilla, oaky.

Palate: Sweet, syrupy, oak, barley, vanilla, spice.

Finish: Long complex and sweet.

Glen Mhor 1975 - 29yo Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
Bottling: Rarest of the Rare by Duncan Taylor
Cask No: 4030 - SHERRY CASK.
Colour: Gold.
Nose: Full of fudge and toffee – butterscotch.
Flavour: Creamy milky and chewy.
Finish: Coating creaminess and full of caramel.
Comments: A big toffee dram.

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Glen Mhor Scotch Whisky is a Light to Medium Whisky - Gentle Malt - Delicate Fruits - Honey Notes

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