Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bushmills Irish Whiskey 1608 Anniversary Edition 46%,

To mark 400 years of distilling in and around Bushmills, or “The Rowte” as the area was known in 1608. The stillmen at Bushmills have created a whiskey that truly lives up to the occasion.

Bushmills 1608 is an incarnation of the very best of the distillery and the people of Bushmills. This whiskey is above all approachable, with a remarkable smoothness and depth of character; in the true Irish style it has plenty of personality with a gentle touch.

At the heart of the blend is Bushmills malt whiskey distilled with crystal malt, a special type of malted barley that delivers exceptional smoothness.

Its name comes from the Barleycorns crystallised appearance when gentle toasted before the distilling process. This enhances the natural sweetness of the malt, giving the whiskey a unique toffee like softness.

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