Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Evan Williams Extra Aged Sour Mash 43%

Evan Williams, born a Welshman, settled in Virginia and moved to what would become Kentucky (at the time was Fincastle County of Virginia) in about 1780. 

Evan Williams' extra aging gives it a richer, smoother Bourbon taste.

It was given a 90-rating by Wine Enthusiast Magazine who commented that Evan Williams has, "a deep vanilla nose...and the palate shows notes of oak, vanilla and dark berries."

Evan Williams' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes..

Nose: Slightly sharp and green with a touch of menthol.

Taste: A very sweet start with soft brown sugars and caramel. As the middle is reached there is a hint of spice and maltiness.

Finish: A gentle finale to a light, easy-going whiskey. Limited vanilla and a little oak sap add extra weight but the small grains, especially the malt, do hang on to the finish.

Comments: An easy number, this. A fresh, light weight throughout makes this one not for those looking for the intensity you might expect at 7 years but a gentle, sweet, untaxing journey with not a bump along the way."

Jim Murray
Classic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye Whiskey Tasting note Kindly supplied by Heaven Hill Distilleries.

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