Thursday, 12 November 2009

Kilkerran Single Malt Scotch Whisky 40% 70cl

Campbeltown Region from the Glengyle distillery.

The distillery is using a combination of new and reconditioned equipment brought in, on the site of the original Glengyle distillery, (1872 to 1925) the site has witnessed various uses, a rifle range (1940) Farmers co-operative 1970's by this time all the equipment had been stripped out and the warehousing used as a coach garage.

In November 2000 Mitchell's Glengyle Ltd was formed under the chairmanship of Mr Hedley Wright (great nephew of the original builder William Mitchell.) with the intention of operating a completely refurbished distillery.

Kilkerran Scotch Whisky Tasting note..

Nose: An initial burst of perfume leads you into a sweet, fruity and eventally spicy aroma.

Palate: Cloves, more fruits and sweetness, Still at work in progress, this whisky is already lively, zesty and full of flavour.

Finish: The sweetness lasts all the way to the finish as vanilla flavours linger on the tongue.

More information about the Glengyle distillery click here

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