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North British 30 Year Old Single Grain Whisky 54.2%

In the early 1880's Scottish whisky sales in England rose dramatically as supplies of brandy dried up.  Andrew Usher & Co, regarded as the father of blending, appointed agents in all the principle countries of the world as sales rose dramatically. At the same time The Distiller's Company (DCL) had been formed taking control of the Caledonian Grain Distillery in 1884

One Consequence of the Caledonian merger with DCL was: Several blenders including Andrew Usher became alarmed at DCL’s control of grain whisky production,

To combat this and secure their supplies of grain whisky Andrew and John Usher decided that another grain distillery should be built in Edinburgh

This led to the founding of the North British Distillery Company in Edinburgh with Andrew Usher, (Chairman) William Sanderson ((of Vat 69) Managing Director) and John Crabbie ((of Crabbie,s Green Ginger) Vice Chairman) as the three founders. 

North British 30 Year Old Single Grain Whisky

Single Grain Scotch Whisky, Clan Denny Single Cask Bottling.
Vintage 1979, 30 years Old.
North British single grain Scotch whisky tasting note...

This cask refers to a refill butt HH5557.

Tasting Note
Discover vanilla tablet with a light smoky characteron the nose.

The palate opens oily, with Chinese spices, then a sweet and nutty style develops to caramelised fruit  and butter.

The finish is long for a grain whisky with soft sweet spices and orange zest.

Bottled at natural cask strength

More information about the North British Distillery Click Here.

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