Sunday, 4 April 2010


Hi to all my readers. Sorry I have been away for so long.

I had just changed my telephone and broadband provider on the condition that it would not effect my broadband.

Silly me of course it wouldn't???????????.

Well despite repeated  requests for the mac code and all the excuses they could muster (Talktalk Opel) they simply switched it off. So I had then had to wait for my new provider to process the order (10 Days) for it to be reinstated.

This of course was on the week we had to make the editorial adjustments to our new whisky website (Should be ready in about two weeks time after testing) So my blogg time was cut, as I had to work from a remote lap top and concentrate on installing over a 1000 new stock images.

All I have to say on the matter is what ever you do do not change Phone providers even with the lower phone and broadband charges I will never recover what these 10 days cost me

Or as we say in Yorkshire "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

All being well i will back to my ramblings tomorrow

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