Tuesday, 25 May 2010

www.whiskys.co.uk new website

The new website for whiskys.co.uk went live at noon today.

We feel that we have brought our web presence upto date with the improvements we have made with the invaluable assistance of our web designers infotech247.com. (thank you)

The new site has better images, full descriptions for all the whiskies and what we feel is a lot more visitor friendly arrangement.

In the past we had to guess - where a particular whisky was best suited and put it in the one category only.  now we can multi-define a whisky - by Type, region, taste style, vintage, closed distillery, cask strength, rare, collector.

The Menu for the website is expansive and we have added our range of Scottish beers and you can see the other fine spirit drinks that we keep

For us the website is a lot easier to edit and control and stock is automatically monitored and now tells you how many bottles we have.

We also now have facilities to be more socially active so you can blog, facebook or tweet or any other social network our website to anyone you like, if you have a problem please let me know first.

We also have a twitter account - I promise not to tell you that I have just had a piece of toast- however we will use it to tell you about our latest editions or any whisky news that I think you may be interested in.

So please have a couple of minutes to have a look at our newsite www.whiskys.co.uk and if you have time let us know what you think all feedback is welcome

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