Friday, 16 July 2010

Eades Double Malt Whisky

The name Double Malt comes from the two single malts that are selected for their classic characteristics and complementary natures to make each expression of Eades. Some of these malts are rarely found in the U.S. All represent the finest flavor profile of each region.

First, the two malts are finished separately in fine wine casks, such as Chateau Lafitte, Grenache and Zinfandel. Then, they are paired to create the perfect flavor profile of their region giving us Eades Double Malt.

To create Eades Double Malt, the master distiller has taken a page from the handbook of the finest winemakers. Just as two grapes from a particular season can produce a wine far better than a single grape alone, Eades Double Malt Whiskies demonstrate that two malts can create an experience that actually heightens and refines each region’s flavor profile.

Islay – Robust with peat smoke and hints of sea spray

Speyside – Smooth and mellow with notes of sweet summer berries

Highland – Rich and malty with dried fruit, vanilla and toffee

Taste the signature flavors and styles that define the Single Malt Whisky experience with the added refinement of artisan aging by enjoying a dram of Eades Double Malt.

More Information about the The Virginia Distillery Company’s Eades Double Malt Whisky Click Here

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