Sunday, 12 September 2010

GlenDronach Releases 4 New Wood Finishes

The releases of a series of non-sherry wood finishes is certainly quite a departure from the norm for GlenDronach, where the tradition is to mature the whisky in big, rich sherry casks such as Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez.

Not looking to change the style of GlenDronach, the focus will continue to be on richly sherried malts, However the distillery is interested to see how the whisky would react to different types of wood. It was important that the whiskies selected for ‘finishing’ were not typical GlenDronach (richly sherried), instead they opted for whisky that had been maturing in lighter casks – this meant the whisky could experience the full impact of the 2nd cask, be it Sauternes, Virgin Oak, Moscatel or Tawny Port.

GlenDronach 14 year old  Sauternes Finish

Appearance - bright lemon straw 

Nose - juicy and fresh. A blanket of creamed soda and wild strawberries backed up lush late harvest desert wine. Hints of sherbet and ripe cherries. Very fruity.

Palate - apples and rhubarb drenched in home made custard. Sweet desert wine influences emerge with ripe sultanas and a lovely creamy heart.   

Conclusions - sweet fresh and fragrant with balanced acidity. Lots of finesse and elegance, whilst still maintaining the lively youthful elements.

GlenDronach 14 year old  Virgin Oak Finish

Appearance - light gold. Freshly harvest straw.

Nose - toasted oak elements which are so intense that smoky attributes emerge. Sweet and lush tropical  fruits rise with prominence. Banana and cacao, with roasted coconut.       

Palate - spiced ginger and cinnamon cake with a beautiful smoky twist. Creamed desicated coconut and fresh buttered toast with a handful of hazelnuts on the side.

Conclusion - a glorious nut feast with superb depth.

GlenDronach 15 year old  Moscatel Finish
Appearance - light gold.    

Nose - golden syrup and nutmeg. Poached peaches and apricot flavours with fresh figs and dates. Subtle marzipan on the tail intensifies the aromatics. 

Palate - sweet summer fruits of melon and pineapple intertwined with sweet ripe raisins and alcohol infused figs. Subtle marzipan adds a smooth round nutty edge.      

Conclusion - a warming mix of fruit, nuts. Lovely length and balance.

GlenDronach 20 year old Tawny Port Finish

Appearance - bright amber with a subtle tawny edge. 

Nose - lashings of fine fortified wine elements and a generous portion of Mediterranean fruits including figs and dates.         

Palate - stewed fruits of prunes, pears and apples. The stewed fruit is balanced with an injection of liquorice and subtle aniseed flavours. Massive power and definition.         

Conclusion - a complex dram with a fantastic fortified backbone.

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