Friday, 22 October 2010

Amrut 100 Indian Malt Whisky Press Release

The innovative Indian malt whisky distiller Amrut has come up with another unique offering.

Not only is the latest malt matured in unusually small handmade 100 litre casks, but it is bottled at 100 British proof and presented in 100cl bottles. In addition there will only be 100 individually-numbered bottles in each of five countries.

Unsurprisingly Amrut Distilleries Ltd has named this peated single malt whisky Amrut 100.
“We deliberately wanted to produce another expression within the peated single malt category,”
explained Ashok Chokalingam of Amrut Distilleries, which has had great success with its Amrut Peated
Single Malt Whisky which was first bottled in 2008.

After the Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky had been matured in ex-bourbon casks, the whisky was
emptied into brand new 100 litre handmade virgin casks,” said Ashok.

The whisky was matured for a further year in the tropical climate of Bangalore. “As the new casks were
almost half the size of a bourbon barrel, the extraction process is even faster and the aromas are
concentrated in the form of heady vanilla and mocha chocolate integrated with subtle and enjoyable

“We tried the whisky at different strengths and found that at 100 British proof (57.1%), the balance was
awesome. When we looked at the whole process, then the idea of Amrut 100 born. This whisky is
bottled at the unusual size of 100cl. As the quantity is limited, we have just an individually-numbered
country-specific bottling of 100 bottles per country.”

As the reviews have started to come in, Ashok is pretty sure this latest Amrut single malt will be another
perfect collectors’ item.

Jim Murray in his new Whisky Bible 2011 has awarded the Amrut 100 - 92 points

Amrut 100 Peated Single Malt ex-bourbon/virgin oak barrels db (92/100)
n 23 youthful barley integrates effortlessly with the hickory and smoke: outrageously delicate for a nose so big;

t23 the virgin oak used has injected some major Demerara sugars. The smoke is not quite big
enough to keep it all under control, nor the rising tide of vanillins;

f23.5 all kinds of milky mocha notes work well with that soothing smoke;

b22.5 ironically, though one of the older whiskies to come from this distillery, the nose shows a little bit of youth. A quite different style from Amrut’s other peated offerings and it was obviously intended. Further proof that this distillery has grown not only in stature but confidence. And with very good reason. 57.1% nc ncf © Jim Murray.

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