Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Amrut 100 Peated Single Malt Indian Whisky.

Limited Edition 1 Litre Bottle 57.1% or 100 Proof

This non-coloured and un-chill filtered Amrut 100 is a very special limited edition series.

The new make spirit is initially matured in ex-boubon casks the transferred into hand crafted 100 litres virgin oak barrels.

This further accelerates the maturation with a very intense aroma profile.

This unique combination results in the creation of the Amrut 100. The soft peatiness on the nose gradually builds up with an aroma of millionaire's shortbread. On the palate it is well balanced aroma of toffee and peatiness and a hint of liquorice clutched with spices. When we looked at it as a broader picture, everything worked out to be 100!

It is bottled at 100 British Proof

Just 100 bottles per Country

Finished with 100 litres virgin casks and bottled in 100cl sizes.

Quite unusual but enticing, a perfect 10X10.

Amrut Tasting Notes:

Nose; A soft peatiness at first but then it build up with millionaire's shortbread

Taste: A perfect sweet peat with a hint of chocolate along with the classy touch of boubon.

Finish; A sweet chewy finish

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