Sunday, 23 January 2011

St George's Founders Private Cellar English Single Malt Whisky 61.5% 70cl

This bottle of whisky has been selected from the private whisky stock of James Nelstrop, Founder of the English Whisky Co. Ltd.
The cask is known as Cask 5, one of the first and considered one of the finest casks filled at St George's and in the private ownership of the Nelstrop Family.

The cask originally held Jim Beam Bourbon, after which it was filled at St George's and has been the safe keeper of this whisky ever since.

The cask is number 0005. This whisky is unpeated.
The cask was filled on 27th November 2006 and was decanted on 1st December 2010

For More information about the St Georges English Whisky Distillery Click Here

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