Monday, 7 February 2011

Wild Swan Distillery Swan Valley Western Australia

The distillery produces a range of spirits and liquors, including 'Wild Swan Whisky'. Currently in maturation, no whisky has been released yet.

Established in 2002 Wild Swan Distilling Company is a new and exciting venture within the alcoholic beverage and tourism industries of Western Australia

The distillery is located in the heart of the Swan Valley region, an area well known for its wines, boutique breweries, and as a tourist destination.

Visitors will now be able to sample some of the finest spirits in Australia produced from some of the world's best grains, products and pristine locally sourced water. The latter is well known as the key to the legend whiskies of Scotland

The first distillery of its kind within the Swan Valley Region it aims to capitalise on the regions growing tourism trade and growing reputation, not only locally but internationally, for producing extremely high quality products such as vodka, whisky, gin and brandy.

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