Sunday, 24 April 2011

Whiskymerchants Update (or the Lack of it)

Well this month has been a real waste of time, started with some good information about new distilleries that are not included in the website.

Gathered all the contacts into a list so that I could monitor the responses and who to keep nattering. created a pleasant information request for details and images that I could use on the website and sent this out to 30(Thirty) of these new found distilleries.

Out of this thirty only 2  replied and they would get back to me, which they haven't . With this extended Holiday it would make it a further waste of time to pursue them this last week. So I will have to wait until Tuesday before I can Start again with them.

The month hasn't been  a complete waste of time as I have been putting together a mini website for the mobile phone and a couple of targeted mini sites. but they are not quite ready yet.

I just had n't any thing to blogg about. Oh well maybe May will bring me a change in fortune

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