Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Gold Buckle Club malt whisky From The Ellensburg Distillery

Founded by two local businessmen
Berle "Rusty" Figgins, Jr. and Ralph Bullock, Jr.

The new venture moved into its 1200-square-foot incubator building space in August 2007. The distillery is working with its next-door neighbor, the Iron Horse Brewery, to craft a proprietary beer that will be distilled into whisky This is a sugar-rich wash, or grain and water mash, (All whiskies are basically grain-based spirits distilled from beer,brewed without hops.) This co-operation creates quite a synergy between the two businesses, lowers the distillery overhead costs and also creates a new revenue stream for the neighboring business.

First Batch
The Gold Buckle Club malt whisky, Washington's first single malt, was bottled on 07 November 2009. Only 300 standard bottles are filled from a 225-litre whisky cask. It is a single-malt, single-barrel, cask-strength whisky that was filled, corked, labelled and sealed, all by hand, with each bottle being lovingly placed into a hand-made, fire-branded, Douglas fir gift box. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the master distiller.

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