Monday, 18 July 2011

DYC (Spanish Whiskey)

The Distilleries
Palazuelos de Eresma (Segovia) Distillery is located in a privileged setting, bordering the river Eresma, famous for the excellent quality of its waters, which run on granitic soils. In addition, the Community of Castilla y Leon has an excellent reputation for producing barley. At the Palazuelos space was insufficient so the blending and bottling was transferred to Valverde del Majano (Segovia) where there is also Anise Castellana.

The DYC Distilleries carry out the main production processes - distilling both Malt and grain together, which is unusual, since even in Scotland the two types of distillation are normally at a different locations (except for Loch Lomand).

They also, have an on-site Malt House for the germination of barley which is converted into malt. This process is now almost unique in a distillery, and today there are only 4 distilleries in Scotland that have a Malt House in use.

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