Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Royal Lochnagar Whisky 12years old 46% Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Cask No: 519
Distilled at The Royal Lochnagar Distillery - July 1996
Bottled in Scotland- September 2008
Limited Edition of: 850 Bottles

A delicious example from this understated distillery in the Eastern Highlands.
A fragrant malt whisky, dry sweet and fruity.
This was a perfect candidate to be diluted to 46%vol, making it a wonderful anytime dram.

Tasting notes:
The colour is reminiscent of fresh Pinot Grigio, light and sparkling. As the colour would suggest, the first impression on the palate is one of delicate freshness and a sprightly, cheeky character begins to emerge. Highly perfumed springtime flowers and honey, seductively oozes through, with light malty notes reassuringly balancing out the sweetness.
The palate is delicately warming and has a very clean mouth feel. There is an intensity that comes to the fore and new season stewed apples are the major similarity for the taste.
The finish is long and lingering and the mouth waters, demanding another sip. A wonderful blast of aniseed tantalises at the end.

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