Friday, 7 October 2011

Whiskymerchants Update

The website was started about 4 years ago on an old browser size of about 760 pixels. Well having witnessed my own browser size increase on the computers I now use,  and noticing  the increasing unused real estate on either side of the website I have finally plucked up courage to increase the page size. I did have worry's that it would all collapse around me as soon as I clicked the new width button. Pages would be to short or vanish, slide shows and video wouldn't run.  However so far, everything I know works and  found I have won all this extra space. (Wow ! 23% for nothing)  

What I plan is to add my social media links, increase the images with more photo slide shows and pop up galleries showing the different bottlings. an awards table, and anything else I can think of that is relative to that whisky.

So for the moment I am working through the width adjustments for each page and depending on where I am will add the extra info. By doing this the whole website will get a total  review and I will maybe spot some of the typos this one eyed one fingered typist is known for.

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