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Dram Of The Day:The Geordie Laddies 10yo Port Charlotte

This is a rewrite of yesterday's  blog post that I rightfully got a "Chuntering at" for infringing  Gordon_Homers Copyright,

I was  fed up. The ERYCC had put signs up that the A166 was closed (It is n't its a night closure) No Businesses open signs, No Warning, No support, resulting in one of the lowest passing trade days ever. After spending several hours on the phone to the Fools on the local council  They didn't even know where the A166 was. I needed to write about some whisky to pick me up. 

Now this Port Charlotte had been sold to us and had a great story attached so instead of my normal cautious self and seek permissions- conditions, I do send out 100s of emails with about a 2% reply rate, I thought Bu??er it  by the time I get permission the bottling will be gone and I will have missed another great whisky to write about.

"Publish and be dammed" Came to mind so I was lazy, a quick cut and past the photos are mine, Then social networking. unfortunately I forgot  @gordon_homer follows me on twitter. He was upset and rightfully pointed out my lifting of his work without permission and the implication that his whisky was being sold in shops, I have dully apologised for my errors. Its still a great whisky to talk about

The Geordie Laddies are as the name suggests from what I gather is a North East syndicate that purchased a "Port Charlotte" distillation from  Bruichladdich  on a cask offer introduced when the distillery re-opened in  2001. 

The initial purchase was by Gordon Homer for a "bloodtub" Then at a local BBQ the purchase of the bloodtub came up which lead to them deciding to purchase a barrel along with about 9 friends. This was completed with the filling in December 2001 into a fresh Bourbon cask.
John Rennie one of the warehouse men predicted that the cask would be "perfect at 10"  

Taken from a first fill Boubon cask at 64.4%  the colour can be described as a rich gold.

 At full strength there is the Islay smoke with peat, salt and spice on the nose. 

Again at full strength the palate has the milder Islay characteristics of peat but with the sweeter style of vanilla and subtle spice.

The finish is long with the Port Charlotte style peatiness.

Oh Yes nearly forgot Gordon Doesn't want people to think He is selling his bottles 
These came from another member .

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