Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dram of the day:The Dalmore "Tweed" 40% Scotch Whisky

The Tweed Dram Season 2012 from the Limited Edition Rivers Collection

Flowing majestically through the beautiful and historic Borders countryside from its source high in the open hills above Moffat. The Tweed is the most prolific salmon rivers in the British isles, at its most beautiful  in the late summer early autumn as the leaves begin to turn, the air gathers a chill, and the world famous autumn Salmon returns.

Protecting and preserving the delicate balance of Tweed and its precious resources is the challenging role of The Tweed Foundation. In recognition of Tweed and its rich history The Dalmore Distillery  has created a unique expression of the Dalmore. A generous donation is gifted to The Tweed Foundation from the sale of every bottle sold, to support and further the excellent work it does on behalf of all who love this great River

The Dalmore Scotch Whisky "Tweed" 40% Tasting Notes

The Colour is a delightful Honey gold.

On the nose it is warm and inviting. fruity Seville oranges, crushed pear, bergamot and apple. then with rich caramel and Marzipan follow, completing the bouquet.

The palette has Tantalizing flavours of spicy ginger, marmalade and cinnamon, followed by whispers of nutmeg and toffee leaving the perfect after taste.

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