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Sorting Out Bruichladdich Whisky Bottlings

Bruichladdich Distillery, on islay, is small independent company consisting of private individuals, founded by Mark Reynier, Gordon Wright and Simon Coughlin of Murray McDavid.,

Fiercely independent they are free to make whisky the way they like and feel they do not have to conform to creating a "Standard" aged bottling and any way who wants to wait 10 years before they have stock to sell. Since they bottle naturally, batches are smaller this contributes to the reasons why they cannot  standardise.

With the need to have a standard bottling removed there is greater freedom to experiment with styles of expressions and finishes this is met with great enthusiasm and creativity.

There are some who criticise this constant curiosity and look in bewilderment at the range of whiskies Bruichladdich release; however they are simply exploring the many opportunities and the capricious world of distilling and maturation combinations – of still, oak, cask and warehouse. And then, being warm-spirited and generous folk, they release them to the world to share this incredible journey they have embarked on – as they say, life is a journey, not a destination.

When new cask types, ages, and styles become available, a new edition is released to replace the previous. This means numerous batch names are used. as the Bruichladdich brand evolves.

In trying to sort out these many expressions I have consulted several books and websites and have come up with  4 current bottling categories containing 38 expressions Although several of these are now finished 

Classic Bruichladdich                                                                                        
2001: The Resurrection Dram
10 Year Old
Laddie Classic
Sherry Classic
The Sixteen Bourbon
17 Year Old Rum Cask
18 Year Old Second Edition
21 Year Old

Uber Provenance
Organic 2003
The Organic 2010 Multi Vintage
Islay Barley, 2004, 2006
Micro Provenace Cask 198
Micro Provenace Cask 71

Peated Bruichladdich
Port Charlotte An Turas Mor
PC Multi Vintage
Octomore 4.2/comus 167ppm 61%
Octomore 4.1/167ppm-62.5%
Octomore 3/152ppm
Octomore 2.2 Orpheus/140ppm
Octomore 2/140ppm

Concept Bruichladdich

2011 Web Launch Limited Edition Renaissance
Black Art2
Black Art3
Fino Sherry 1992

Rare Bruichladdich
Blacker Still
Redder Still
Golder Still
DNA_1:The "36*"
DNA_2: 1977
DNA_3: 1985

Working with archive pages there are 5 categories with  a further 64 expressions

Concept Bruichladdich
16 Year Old First Growth Series, Curvee "A"
16 Year Old First Growth Series, Curvee "B"
16 Year Old First Growth Series, Curvee "c"
16 Year Old First Growth Series, Curvee "D"
16 Year Old First Growth Series, Curvee "E"
16 Year Old First Growth Series, Curvee "F"

Mood Malts
Twelve- 1st -2nd edition
Fifteen 1st - 2nd edition
16 Bourbon
16 Bourbon/Ch d Yquem
Eighteen 1st -2nd Edition
Twenty Flirtation 1st, 2nd & 3rd Edition
Twenty One

Single Vintage
Full Strength
Full Strength 2nd
1970 Anniversary
DNA 37 year old
1990 aged 18 years
1990 Valinch Ghost Ship
1991 aged 16 years
1994 Full Strength
1994 Valinch Blandola

Multi Vintage
3D 1st, 2nd & 3rd edition

Legacy Series 1 to 6
Links Series
     St Andrews
     K Club Ireland
     Royal Liverpool Hoylake
     Royal Troon
     St Andrews Swilican Burn
     Torrey Pines
     Vancouver Club
1998 Sherry
WMDII Yellow Submarine
Centenary Decanter
125 Anniversary
The Resurrection
Port Charlotte Series
First Cut
Fies Ile '12
Celtic Nations (A Blend of Bruichladdich and Irish Whisky - Banned by the SWS)
X4 2007

So in the modern period, 2000 onwards the Bruichladdich has produced at least 104 named expressions this has been further expanded to with 23 Independent bottlers adding to the expressions available.

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