Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Back to the whisky blog

Sorry everyone who still might be out there following my ramblings on this blog. It has been hectic since Christmas. We have had the builders in replacing the roof and what with the scaffolding dust and the rain coming in my normal place of work was in a right mess. I have been reduced to my laptop away from my main files.

This has caused a restriction on my time so the blogging has suffered and I have mainly concentrated on the and the mobile websites 

and       as well as all the social networking needed.

We have still quite a lot of building work to complete so to keep this blog active I am mainly going to use it a feeder for the main websites and what we are doing.

I am updating the whiskymerchants website with new images slide shows and have just completed the Dalwhinnie page 

 This is one of the Dalwhinnie distillery images which are included in the new slide show of equipment and bottlings

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