Monday, 1 April 2013

Heritage Whiskey Brands from Jim Beam

Completed another page on my whiskymerchants website: Jim Beam Heritage whiskey brands, These are the brands that Jim Beam inc have retained from when Fortune Brands purchased National Distillers Group in 1987.

These included Makers Mark, Old Crow, Old Gran-Dad Bourbon and Old Overholt a Rye Whiskey. which they have kept but have since disposed of Old Taylor which was sold to the Sazerac Companyin June 2009.

Old Taylor Bourbon was named after Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. (1830-1923). Taylor founded and developed  several different distilleries throughout his career, the most successful being the O.F.C (aka George T Stagg). and Carlisle distilleries, the forerunners of today’s Buffalo Trace Distillery which is part of the Sazerac group so this brand has returned to its roots.

The page includes each whiskies history

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