Monday, 7 October 2013

Rock Town Distillery Arkansas

Founded by Phil Brandon in 2010, there hadn’t been a legal distillery in central Arkansas in decades, Pre-prohibition was probably the last time legal distilling was carried out, that was until Phil Brandon lost his job.

The Rock Town Distillery was created with one mission. To make sure every possible element used to make Rock Town’s spirits came from Arkansas. From the soft, red winter wheat for the vodka and gin. To the charred, white-oak barrels that store the bourbon. Carefully crafting the vodka, gin, and bourbon in small batches. Every bottle is hand-labelled, the goal is to ensure the highest quality spirits and to never cut corners. 
Principle Brands
Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey.
Arkansas Young Bourbon Whiskey.
Arkansas Lightning also available as
Apple Pie, 
Hot Cinnamon,

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