Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cardhu Single Malt Whisky 12 year old 40%

Founded Legally in 1824 by John Cummings
Location Speyside region, Aberlour District
Water source Springs on Mannoch Hill
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Cardhu Scotch Whisky Tasting Note.

Spirity nose with sweet apple blossom and heathery aromas, well-balanced palate with good viscosity. Warming with a dryish finish.

Strength: 40% ABV
Appearance: Golden honey.

Nose: At full strength, heady, nose prickle, pear drops and tightly integrated heather, resin and sweet honey-nut notes. Enticing. Intriguing.

With a little water, still harmonious but less pronounced, allowing some malt-cereal, soft, spicy wood, moorland and faint traces of wood-smoke to appear.

Body: Soft, pleasing, medium.

Palate: Palate Well balanced, smooth mouth-feel; short punch, sweet and fresh, then a pronounced drying effect. Enjoyable at any time, with little or no water.

Finish: Quite short. Some lingering sweet smoke in the attractive, drying aftertaste.

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