Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Whiskymerchants website update

Working on the Scottish distillery pages checking the information, adding tasting notes and expression details.

Placed a whisky news feed on the front page, has some problems with different browsers positioning the feed under the page. The website provider is hopefully rectifying it.

Added a German Whisky distiller The "Blue Mouse " Distillery

The distillery was established 1980 and 0n 19 February 1983 the first attempt to produce Pure Malt Whiskey was made. There were further attempts to partially terrible results. Under the motto: Practice - Practice - Practice

More Details click Here

A Swedish distillery "Spirit of Hven" first production still maturing.

On the island of Hven in the strait of Ă–resund between Denmark and Sweden lies the “Spirit of Hven“ distillery – This island not only has a fully functioning distillery it also boasts a four star Conference Hotel Resort with Restaurant and Public House.

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Two American micro distillers "Copperfox"

The foundation of the whisky is thoroughbred barley from their own private grower and used by no other distillery. They malt the barley themselves, in small batches, using a traditional floor malting the way it's been done for centuries in Scotland.

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and "Peach Street"
After more than two long years in the barrels, the wait is finally over for Colorado spirits lovers. Peach Street Distillers, producers of the popular Goat Vodka and Jackelope Gin, have released the first legal bourbon ever made in Colorado.

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both in production with whiskey ready and bottled.


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