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Glencraig Single Malt Whisky 1975 Gordon & MacPhail 40%

Glencraig Scotch whisky was distilled from the Lomond Stills that were installed at the Glenburgie distillery in 1958 to 1981.

The Glenburgie distillery was founded in 1810 (1829 by William Paul)
Location Speyside region. Findhorn District Forres
Water source Local Springs

During 1958 two Lomond pattern stills where added. These stills, known as Glencraig, they allowed the distillery to produce two different whiskies. The Glenburgie, from the traditional pot stills and the Glencraig from the Lomond stills

Glencraig was named after Mr William Craig, production director of Ballantines at that time. He was actually one of the few men to have a single malt named after him.
Some Glencraig can still be found however it cannot be distilled again as in 1981 the Lomond Stills were replaced by a pair of conventional pot stills.

Glencraig Single Malt Whisky 1975 Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice
Presentation box.

Colour: Light amber.

Nose: Aromas to remind you of Christmas. Fruity - lemons
with marzipan aromas and mincemeat pies. Perfumed
and floral notes also present.
Palate: Smoky with oiled wood flavours and sherry notes

With Water
Nose: Sherry influence now appears, nutty notes with floral
notes also present. Rounding sweetness.
Palate: Bonfire smoke and charred wood flavours with sherry
notes and dried fruits.
Body: Clean
Finish: Rich, fruity notes - sherry.
Cask Type: Refill American Hogsheads.
Whisky Style: Rich and aromatic - to be savored with friends.

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