Friday, 31 July 2009

American Micro Whiskey Distillers

A micro-distillery is a small, often referred to as “Artisan” 'boutique' or “craft“, distillery. While the term is most commonly used in the United States, micro-distilleries have been established in Europe, However the pages on my website concentrates on the USA and Canada whisky producers

Due to the period of Prohibition in the United States most small distilleries were forced out of business, leaving only the corporate dominated mega-distilleries to resume operation when Prohibition was repealed.

The popularity of micro-distilling spirits is expanding consistently, with many micro-breweries and small wineries establishing distilleries within the scope of their brewing or winemaking operations.

California and Oregon has experienced the highest number of micro-distillery openings as these are generally more relaxed states.

All-thought the majority of these micro distillers are involved in the production of Aquavit, cognac, fruit based spirits, gin and vodka because of the straight to bottle production, some have produced or are producing whisky and moonshine

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