Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Strathmill Single Malt Whisky 17 year old 50%

Founded in 1891
Location Speyside region Central district, Keith town
Water source On site spring

Old Malt Cask bottling by Douglas Laing
Single Cask bottling of only 298 bottles charged from a Refill Hogshead

Distilled at Strathmill Distillery and bottled by Douglas Laing & Co.
Distilled October 1992
Bottled January 2010

Nose : Spicy with vanilla tablet + dry herbs, sweet tobacco + Cocoa butter.

Palate : Round, full flavoured & spicy, still sweet + a "brulee" caramel style.

Finish : Medium long, still spicy & sweet with fruit bitters lingering. (J)

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