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Bunnahabhain 30 year old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Limited Edition Release

Whilst one of the most exciting decades in world history unfolded back in 1980, the Bunnahabhain Distillery on the Isle of Islay, off the west-coast of Scotland, gently prepared the casks for what today can be enjoyed as the Bunnahabhain 30-year old Islay single malt.

According to Brian Glass, spokesperson for Bunnahabhain,  there are only 357 bottles, each hand-numbered, available world-wide. . Quite uniquely this exceptionally rare whisky also bears the 1980 vintage year on the label, proudly acknowledging the whisky’s undisturbed maturation for 30 years at the Bunnahabhain distillery’s shore-side warehouse.

“This limited-edition single malt whisky is truly one of the finest examples of the craftsmanship and distilling traditions of the Bunnahabhain Distillery. It is a pity there are so few bottles available of this extraordinary whisky but then again, if it wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t have been such a rare find. This is the kind of whisky you keep, savour on special occasions and treat with the utmost love and admiration.”
The whisky is un-chillfiltered, with a natural cask strength of 45.4% alcohol by volume, and released in its most pure form, the way whisky would have been produced at the hands of Bunnahabhain’s distillers many years ago. According to master distiller Ian MacMillan by un-chillfiltering the whisky, nothing is taken away or added so whisky lovers can enjoy the whisky at its very best, giving them a better whisky experience. “The whisky retains its depth of flavour, allowing the gentle, subtle notes of the malt to come through, providing a purer taste, nose and appearance.”

Only a select few of the Bunnahabhain casks that reached the gracious age of 30 have been selected for this whisky. After careful, ongoing selection over the years, and much deliberation, MacMillan selected two ex-sherry hogshead casks which reflect the finest qualities and superior characteristics one would associate with a vintage whisky from Bunnahabhain.
MacMillan says the whisky holds a rich, aromatic nose with a sophisticated balance of oak, gingerbread, moist fruit cake, prunes, old leather, roasted nuts and a hint of sea air. “The palate opens up to produce a creamy, silky taste with sweet oak, liquorice and nutmeg intertwined with citrus, vanilla, eucalyptus and a hint of coconut. The finish is long and elegant with flavours of digestive biscuits, soft vanilla, a tinge of ginger and sea salt coating your mouth.”

To celebrate its release, the whisky comes beautifully packaged in a natural un-dyed leather case and includes a pewter Quaich, a historic drinking vessel that is one of the most symbolic elements portraying friendship, sharing and trust. A small leather tag, embossed with the Bunnahabhain seafarer on the label and the bottle number, is attached to the handle of the case. The set also includes a small glass tube containing a parchment scroll commemorating the release of this limited-release whisky.

Bunnahabhain, known for its single malts with a gentle taste profile due to the use of unpeated barley, is crafted by MacMillan, a master blender and distiller with over 40 years’ experience. The distillery produces a 12-, 18- and 25-year old..

 If you are interested in finding out mor about the Bunnahabhain 30 year old or would like to order a bottle, please send contact Andrew on 01759 371356

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