Friday, 27 January 2012

Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish 43% Single Malt Scotch Whisky

From a previous series of Glenmorangie Wood Finish Bottlings now discontinued and  much sought after by collectors

This unique malt whisky was  initially  matured in American oak casks and then  transferred into casks or ‘pipes’ which have previously contained Port for a further period of maturation.

Colour:- Antique copper: golden, but with a rosey hue.

Nose;- With a drop of water, the key aromas are of butterscotch and dark chocolate, but with fresh minty notes and a trace of dryness, like lint.  There is some sandalwood here, and citrus fruit – oranges, perhaps tangerine – even a hint of allspice.  With a little more water, lighter scents begin to emerge: grass and hay, hazelnuts and candied peel.

Taste:- The mouthfeel is voluptuously smooth, like sipping velvet.  The entire palate is engaged – a most interesting and complex balance of sweet and dry flavours.  The bitter chocolate and the fresh mintiness noted as aromas are apparent.  In the satisfying, lingering finish, a hint of port reveals itself for the first time, along with walnuts.

Finish:- A remarkable whisky, perfect after a good meal or to savour at any time.

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