Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How Much Is My Dimple Whisky Worth

Because of the appealing shape of the dimple bottle a lot of people bought them and gave them as gifts which remained unopened so there are a lot of bottles out there.

The bottle shape has been in use since the 1893 for the first 30 years was called Haig & Haig 5 Stars Scots Whisky apart for a short period during the first world war when it was only available in a standard bottle descibed in adverts of the time as the "Substitute War bottle"

The first time the Dimple name appeared in the "pinched bottle" as the brand was 1923 

After the repeal of prohibition the export bottles where marketed under the "Pinch" brand for the US market It is still marketed as such.

The bottle shape was finnally patened in 1958 and during late 1950s the gilded mesh imported from France was added to bottle.

The Dimple is still being produced Present day bottling retails at £35

Hence the value for a modern (last 20 years) metric %ABV standard bottle with the Queen Elizabeth warrant is low.

Other bottling with the king warrants on them have a higher value because of the age and also there are some limited editions that have higher collectors values.

Dimple - Royal Sovereign 21 year old pewter decanter at £350

Dimple Mexico Games 1986 12 year old £200

Dimple  1986 Commonwealth £150

Dimple Year of Horse/snake £135

Dimple 1890 commemorative £100

The 1950s 12 year old, spring cap wire mesh 70- proof imperial size With Dimple in white on the bottle Boxed about £250

The 1960s 12 year old, spring cap wire mesh 70- proof imperial size With Dimple in white on the bottle about £150

The 1970s With Dimple in white on the bottle about £80

The 1980s 12 year old, Plastic Cap at about £50

As I stated in my opening statement there are a lot of bottles out there and I recieve daily requests about Dimple so a chance of actually selling I think is low.

I have no access to batch numbers and cannot find references for the subtle changes in the white names printed directly onto the bottle  used ie (Haig's, Haig & Haig, Dimple, Pinch) all used on the bottles over the 1950-70 time frame. This could because the names where used for a particular supply contract or market.

Also there has been a lot of takeovers and mergers and this information has been lost into the huge corporate that is now Diageo

Prices depend on clean tidy labels, the seal being intact and a high level in the neck.

Like all whisky when sealed in a bottle does not go off and is perfectly drinkable.

The name pinch is for the American market the whisky in the UK is called dimple both names refer to the shape of the bottle.

For More Information about the Haig Dynasty CLICK HERE

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Unknown said...

My unopened bottle of Dimple has a date underneath it that reads 1897. How much is it worth...anybody know ?

info said...

Do you have images of the bottle and labels

send to



Bob Ablett said...

I have a 1960s dimple wire flip top.
I found this in a beer cellar in 1979 .
The wire mess has rotted away and the label has fallen off.
How much is it worth?

Stu said...

DIMPLE whisky miniture with wire and lead seal on cap
What is it worth

info said...

If there is a high whisky level about £5 usually can be found in a job lot of miniatures.