Thursday, 25 October 2012

New Whisky Shop Layout and Whisky By Taste

Well September has been a busy month for us in the shop, we were so bored we decided to carry out the re-organisation we had been planning for a while  and totally reorganise the shop layout.

Now those of you that have visited us will know that we were a Hardware shop with an off license. well that has all changed we are now a Whisky Shop with cards/gifts with a small hardware section at the rear. The whisky shop takes the main area with a far superior layout of the whiskies, spirits, wines and beers that we sell no longer hidden.

We are very pleased with this new shop and the Wow?! reactions we have received from people entering, even our bank manager was impressed.

For both our shop and website we have matched Scotch whiskies into taste styles to help you try similar but different distilleries, so if you like:-
Light, Delicate -Soft, Creamy - Rich, Fruity - Maritime - Gentle Peat - Peaty, Smokey- we will have something different for you to try.

So the next time you are near why not pop in for a taster.....


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